Dr. Angela Zeng, PhD, MBA – Traditional Wisdom, Modern Science, and Karuna

Have you tried Karuna? Weaving together the realms of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, tradition and science, Dr. Angela Zeng, PhD, MBA has acquired great insights about health and human nutrition. From playing with herbs as a child in her native China, to studying heart health at the cellular level to studying the migration of cancer cells as a doctoral and post-doc student in America, to working in pharmaceutical research and starting a healthy beverage company… you won’t want to miss a minute of this insightful episode!

Here’s what you’ll learn:
– Foods good for kidney health, and why it matters
– How herbs were used in traditional medicine
– Balance of Yin and Yang
– Why medicine has its place and why food may be better medicine
– Types of ginseng and their uses
– How the body gives clues to herbal medicine doctors
– What our eyes can tell us about our wellness
– How human life expectancy has changed and how antibiotics helped
– Why she decided to start her beverage company, Karuna
– Things to be aware of when consuming protein powder
– Traditional vs modern methods of processing soy
– Why soy allergies and issues are more prevalent in America
– Why she chose monkfruit to sweeten her beverages
– How she sources ingredients
– Why she added oats to her drinks and the benefits of oats for health
– Why she feels good about her products as a mom
– Turmeric and its unique affects across the blood brain barrier
– Black sesame seed and its surprising health benefits
– How her coffee drink ingredients create more source energy (ATP)
– Why it is hard to do clinical trials on herbs
– How cancer cells differ from healthy cells
– Her top tips for prevention
– Why traditional and balanced diets will always win vs trends

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