Get Real to Heal – Anna Ortiz-Aragon, NAPO – Decluttering

Anna Ortiz-Aragon, NAPO, works with families and business professionals to declutter and organize their homes. Anna believes our belongings are a metaphor and by letting go of what no longer serves us, we make room for greater abundance and joy.

She says “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” as Marie Kondo put it, is just that! Decluttering allows us to become more intentional about what we allow into our space – in all areas of life. We become more present. More conscious of our time, our energy, thoughts and behaviors. More aware of our health, our spending habits and who we allow into our space.

When we have the freedom to truly enjoy ourselves, we are more relaxed, more patient and kind. We think more clearly, make better decisions and embody the best version of ourselves. And this energy is contagious. In this way, Anna believes decluttering is ultimately changing the world for the better, one home a time.

Join us for this lively and inspiring episode!

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