Get Real to Heal – Dr. Austin Jones – Functional Neurology

Dr. Austin Jones is helping patients relieve the symptoms of traumatic brain injury, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, and much more. He even helped Amanda with her motion sickness. Have you heard of functional neurology? You won’t want to miss this episode! Here’s what you’ll learn:
– What is a Functional Neurologist
– What Therapeutic Advantage does a Functional Neurologist offer
– What Treatment does a Functional Neurologist Prescribe
– What Unique Skills does the Functional Neurologist bring to the adjustment
– Why should every chiropractic patient have a functional neurology exam
– Is functional neurology a replacement for traditional medical care
– Does functional neurology cure neurological diseases
– How can functional neurology reduce my risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or other brain diseases
– What happens in a functional neurology examination
– How soon can someone expect to see improvement
– What are the rehabilitation exercises like
– What are Dr. Jones’s programs/focus: Concussions, headaches, migraines, vestibular, ASD
– Programs he offers for families and for first responders

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