Get Real to Heal – Dr. Emily Hecker – Mold and Mycotoxins, Histamine Intolerance

The always fascinating and engaging Dr. Emily Hecker of Enlighten Functional Medicine joined me by call-in today live on 92.9 FM to discuss an often overlooked cause of chronic health issues… Mycotoxins! She and I have collaborated on several decades-long mystery cases that turned out to be rooted in mycotoxin exposure. Molds and other fungi can take hold in your body and make a home out of your sinuses, gut, etc, wreaking havoc on your system and yet going undetected by doctors for years unless they happen to know how to find it.

Check out this informative episode and you’ll learn how Dr. Hecker is testing and treating mycotoxins, plus you’ll learn about histamine intolerance, and how to clean up exposures to mycotoxins in your diet and lifestyle.

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