Get Real To Heal – Dr Gregory Judice – Sports, Rehab, and Shoulders

A personal health journey through sports injury as a baseball pitcher inspired Dr. Gregory Judice to pursue a career in physical therapy. As the owner of Judice Sports and Rehab, he demonstrates his true passion for helping his patients with prevention and healing. In this episode, you’ll learn:
– What drove him to open a private practice
– His personal story with sports injury
– Why he’s fascinated with, and specializes in, the shoulder
– Rotator cuff pathology
– Why pain and arthritis are not something people “just have to deal with” as they age
– How patient beliefs and motivations impact their outcomes
– Why surgery isn’t necessarily the answer
– Preventative tips to avoid injury
– Why manual therapy is important
– Other types of injuries he can help with
– How his office supports Stray Rescue and helps train therapy dogs

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