Get Real to Heal – Dr. Kristan Wilson – Hormone Balance and Fertility

Dr. Kristan Wilson, of A Wellness Place in Webster Groves, was led to a profession in chiropractic after being involved in a serious car accident at the age of seventeen. When other doctors told her that she would require surgery and may still be in a wheelchair by the age of thirty, she began to explore other options. That is when she discovered chiropractic. Her chiropractor took the time to explain everything that was happening and asked her to participate in her healthcare decisions and treatment. Not only was she able to stay out of a wheelchair, but by the next year she was working on an ambulance as an EMT. As a chiropractic doctor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, and functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Wilson empowers her patients to take an active role in their health. She is especially passionate about helping clients with issues of hormone balance and fertility. In this episode, you’ll learn:
– Dr. Wilson’s amazing story of recovery
– Ways that men and women can increase their chances for fertility
– How whole food eating can lead to more stable blood sugar
– How blood sugar stabilization leads to great hormone stability
– How caffeine and alcohol factor into the equation
– Reducing inflammation through food allergy and sensitivity testing
– Chiropractic to eliminate nervous system impedance
– Acupuncture to promote energy balance and reduce energy impedance
– How reducing exposure to environmental toxins can help
– How to know the body’s cues for fertility

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