Get Real to Heal – Dr. Matthew Flory – Transformation through Functional Medicine

Dr. Matthew Flory is a functional medicine doctor and founder of Functional Health Team. After navigating tough terrain through his own personal health journey, he set out to find a better way to help his own patients.

Functional Health Team works with people who have, or are developing, a health condition that scares them. Many FHT clients had concerns about their family Health History and developments in their own health. Some want to protect themselves from known family issues … and others need to deal with conditions that they seemed to develop out of nowhere.

One thing that his clients don’t often know originally, but are quickly relieved to find out, is that they can most often control the onset of these health concerns so that they don’t ultimately happen … or at the very least are manageable. He teams up with like-minded practitioners to accomplish this. He explains that genetic expression can be changed by controlling our environment, nutrition, and more.

He says traditional medicine often falls short, designed to keep you alive, not necessarily to help you thrive. So, if traditional medicine is not the answer, what is? What are your options? All this and more with Dr. Matthew Flory on this episode of Get Real to Heal!

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