Get Real To Heal – Dr. Steve Zielinski – A Functional Approach in the Pharmacy

Dr. Steve Zielinski, Pharm D, is the owner of Colonial Village Pharmacy. He’s a 3rd generation pharmacist who has been around healthcare his entire life. But he’s not just filling prescriptions. He’s daring to do things differently. In this episode, you’ll learn:
– His vision for a pharmacy centered around wellness rather than sickness
– Why he loves working with people long term and how he does it differently
– How medications can cause nutrient depletion
– How side effects can be addressed with supplementation
– How he uses genomics in his pharmacy
– How genomics affect diet, exercise, and metabolization of medications
– Types of testing he offers in his pharmacy
– Why he believes in trying everything he recommends himself
– How he deals with seasonal allergies differently
– Why antibiotics don’t always work for sinus infection and what does
– How food you eat can impact your sinuses

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