Get Real To Heal – Dr. Tyler Bryant – Functional Rehab and Staying in Motion

Dr. Tyler Bryant MS, DC, at Inbox Functional Rehab has gained a reputation for getting relief for his patients fast. He joins us to share his unique approach along with some general tips you won’t want to miss. In this episode, you’ll learn:
-How he helps patients understand where they are, how they got there, and how to heal
– Movement is crucial in healing.
– Why it’s important to maximize input into the CNS (Brain)about what the body is doing
– Why he thinks of himself like a “mechanic”
– Why he believes his job is to make people better from a MSK standpoint
– Why he focuses on establishing muscle memory during sessions
– Transfer of force and how that affects the body’s skeletal system and tissue
– How the body senses stress in multiple ways
– His bucket analogy for health
– Why gains are made on rest days
– How he’s trying to flip the switch on physiological age
– Chronological Age vs. Biological/Physiological Age
– The importance of talking, assessing, discussing vulnerabilities and shoring those up
– There are no “knots to mash out”
– How manual therapy opens up a window of change.
– Science behind “walk it off” or “shake it off”
– Why you’ve gotta do the work/rehab
– Why patients need to be their own detective and observe movements and functions/behaviors
– “You know more than you think you know”
– Be active in your health and well-being. Mitigate the effects of gravity as much as possible.
– Very rarely is rest the answer… Playing with the variables at hand usually works
– What is the No-cebo effect
– And his top tip for our listeners!

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