Get Real to Heal – Emilia Rizzuto, CNC – Conquering Crohn’s, Health Coaching, and Elderberry Syrup

Emilia Rizzuto, CNC, owner of Get Real Health, was 15 years old when she first heard the words Crohn’s Disease. After years of unsuccessfully trying to manage her illness with conventional medicine alone, she learned to take control of her own health by introducing dietary and lifestyle changes. She returned to school to become a health coach, graduating with honors from Bauman College with a certification in nutrition consulting. Her mission is to educate people who are struggling with autoimmune disease and give them tools they can use in everyday life to get real health through nutrition.

She is also the creator of a line of Elderberry Syrup that has taken off in the St. Louis area within the past year. She joins us to talk about her personal journey to health, the role that food and lifestyle played for her, how it led her to become a health coach, how she started her line of elderberry syrup, and why people need it.

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