Get Real to Heal features Dr. Laurel Clark on Interpreting Dreams

In session after session with my clients the last few weeks, the subject of dreams kept coming up. Something about the pandemic and quarantine is causing people to believe they are dreaming more frequently, remembering them more readily, and having dreams that are more vivid. That got me curious… why do we dream? Do dream have meaning? And what’s causing dreams to be so noteworthy during the current crisis?

Joining me to answer this and more is Dr. Laurel Clark. She is a teacher, certified dreamologist, interfaith minister, counselor, and author. She is a past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, a graduate of the College of Metaphysics and the Institute for Dream Studies, and owner of Whole Life Resources. Laurel teaches people how to discover or uncover their purpose in life through meditation, understanding their dreams, and mindfulness practices of concentration and listening.

Dr. Clark is the author of Intuitive Dreaming and contributor to The Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams, Dreams That Change Our Lives, Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery, Lucid Dreaming, Weaving Dreams in the Classroom, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable.

We also touch on precognitive dreams, how to remember your dreams, symbolism and more!

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