Get Real To Heal – Jessica Stafford, RD – Diabetes

Jessica Stafford is a Registered Dietitian with St. Joseph Hospital West in Lake St. Louis and owner of Simple Nutrition, LLC. She knew from a young age that she wanted to work in health and nutrition, after watching a family member struggle with uncontrolled diabetes. Now, she works with patients to optimize their health despite their diagnosis. In this episode you’ll learn:
– What a Registered Dietitian is and where they work
– How to become an RD
– Jessica’s reason for becoming an RD
– Why Jessica is passionate about diabetic education
– What diabetes is
– Types of diabetes (gestational, type 1 and 2)
– Stats about diabetes
– Number of people with pre-diabetes and how many estimated undiagnosed
– Risk factors for diabetes
– Signs and symptoms
– Why diabetes management takes a team and what that team consists of
– What is Diabetes Self Management Education
– How it is possible to reverse pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes
– Why progress is better than perfection

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