Get Real To Heal – Justine Froekler Pt. 2 – Progress, Worthiness & Shame

Best-selling author, TED Talk speaker, and Dare to Lead facilitator Justine Froelker joins me again in this episode of Get Real to Heal to share insights from 20+ years in the field of mental health.

She dives deep into various topics relating back to self-talk and your ability to choose. You choose how you feel in every situation and you can make the choice to not take things personally or fall into feeling shameful. Justine describes how making the necessary life changes to better yourself is messy and can only happen a little bit at a time. You’re going to fall off track because life happens, try to give yourself grace-filled permission to fall off and struggle, and in the next breath have the accountability to begin again. Learn what went wrong and begin to pave a new path.

Justine is an unbelievable speaker, writer, and therapist with so much knowledge to share. Listen to hear some life-changing takeaways!