Get Real To Heal – Katie Mackenzie – How to Move More + Effects of Exercise

Katie Mackenzie, MS, is a certified exercise physiologist and owns GYMGUYZ in St. Louis. She is a master at finding ways to squeeze movement in throughout the day and busting mindset issues around exercise. In this episode, you’ll learn:
– Katie’s “why” for getting into fitness and how that developed into owning GYMGUYZ
– What makes GYMGUYZ unique
– How to overcome the seemingly daunting undertaking of fitness
– How to find the right resources for getting started
– The two biggest factors she sees holding people back from fitness and how to overcome them
– How to incorporate more movement into your day, even at work
– How to incorporate functional movements – and what that means
– Exercise’s effect on body composition and long term success
– How exercise effects hormonal changes short and long term
– How exercise impacts sleep

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