Get Real To Heal – Kimberly Lebbing – Gut Health

Kimberly Lebbing is a certified health coach who, along with her entire family, has been on a truly inspiring health journey. She has seen her children move up through the autism spectrum, her own seizures alleviated, and much more — all by addressing gut health.

In this episode, she shares her amazing healing journey. You’ll learn:
– What are probiotics?
– The difference between prebiotics and probiotics.
– The gut-brain connection and how your gut health is affecting your mood, anxiety, sleep, and much more.
– What is leaky gut?
– GAPS, Keto, AIP, Paleo, Vegan – which is best for leaky gut and autoimmunity?
– What a food sensitivity is and how to discover if you have one.
– The truth about dairy.

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