Get Real to Heal – Kristen Brokaw, SLiiM Founder – SLiiM

Kristen Brokaw is the Founder of the St. Louis Institute of Integrated Medicine, a St. Louis-area directory of functional and integrative medicine professionals who are committed to healthcare focused on: prevention, physical & mental wellness, and finding the root cause for patient ailments & diseases.

After a car accident in 2005, she set out to find answers for the lingering health issues she was facing. She joins us to share her story, and how it led to her passion for supporting practitioners in functional and integrative medicine.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
– What is functional medicine
– How functional medicine helped Kristen restore her health
– What is SLIIM and how does it aid practitioners and patients
– What types of doctors and practitioners are in SLIIM
– What is a neutraceutical
– Why brain health is the new gut health
– Why everyone will be hearing more about circadian rhythm and blue light glasses
– What’s the big deal about intermittent fasting
– Why turmeric and black pepper don’t necessarily need to be taken together
– and much more!

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