Get Real To Heal – Maureen Hughes – SomaVeda

Dr. Maureen Hughes PhD, LMT, CTT, CATP, is a PhD Immunologist trained at Washington University in St. Louis. Her work has been published in numerous peer reviewed journals. She thought she wanted to cure cancer or AIDS, but eventually realized there was already a way to do that: the immune system.

After years of searching for a way to empower people to heal on all levels, she found SomaVeda, now the focus of her health and wellness business, Total Harmony.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
– How Maureen’s upbringing in a polluted city led to her interest in health
– Why she chose to study immunology
– Her experience in biotech
– What led her to change careers
– Why she lacks faith in the allopathic medical system in the US
– How she became a SomaVeda Traditional and Indigenous Therapies Practitioner
– Her experience traveling 3 times to India to study Ayurveda and traditional healing modalities there
– How she teaches new practitioners at her school
– About Amanda’s experience of SomaVeda with her
– and much more!

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