Get Real To Heal – Tina Bina, MD -Pain Management, Life-Saving Tips, Opioid Epidemic

Tina Bina, MD, is an ER physician who works at the VA hospital in Long Beach, CA. Prior to her current position, she worked in a level 1 trauma center in Chicago. It takes a very special kind of person to be able to do the amazing work Dr. Bina does on a daily basis.

In this episode of Get Real To Heal Dr. Tina Bina and I discuss a myriad of health-related topics, including what it is that draws her and other ER doctors to work in emergency centers, what to expect when you go into the ER, pain management tools other than opioids, life-saving tips, and the current opioid epidemic taking place in the U.S.

Underwritten by AFC Urgent Care Brentwood.

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